Digital Construction in Action

Ardmac uses the latest tools and technology to further improve our processes & workflows. Providing access to real time information for all project stakeholders using digital construction tools.

by Chris Fitzpatrick, IT Manager 


Our vision is to be the contractor of choice for clients and the employer of choice for great people. One of the ways we are ensuring this vision is being realized is through the constant investment and improvement of our digital and technology platforms and processes.

Over the last number of years, we have been working in cross functional design and implementation teams consisting of people from across business to develop a cutting-edge technology platform across the three main functional areas of our business.

Our recent technology strategy has been focused on implementing and delivering new technology tools across the business divided up into three key areas of the business.

  1. Commercial & Finance – ERP Platform
  2. Construction & Operations – Collaboration & Field Tools
  3. People – People & Performance Platform

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To ensure successful roll outs of our platforms, we use Agile and Lean Principles to ensure our projects are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All our core systems and technology infrastructure are cloud based ensuring we have the security, reliability and performance required for a fast-growing organisation. An additional benefit of being cloud based is that we are agile when new projects come on board and quickly mobilize into a new jurisdiction without having to deploy expensive and troublesome local IT servers and devices.

Commercial & Finance – ERP Platform

Our ERP system contains the financial and commercial information for all our projects, operating in multiple currencies and jurisdiction’s we needed a platform that would be capable of supporting our growth and ambitions.

Construction & Operations – Collaboration & Field Tools

Our collaboration and field platform ensure all our project stakeholders and collaborators have access to all the latest project information, documents, drawings and allows real time collaboration. All our subcontractors, suppliers and clients have access to the platform and once a drawing or document is updated the relevant stakeholders are automatically alerted ensuring everyone is working off the latest version.

People & Performance Platform

Our people platform gives us full visibility into our all our people and the projects and sites they are working on at any given time. Our quarterly people performance management process is managed through a digital workflow which ensures all our line managers and employees understand their goals and targets for each quarter.

Dashboards & Reports

Given that we have invested so much time and resources into digitizing our business on the back of these platforms and processes, we are now able to collect all our data into our cloud-based data warehouse. This is then used to populate dashboards and key performance indicators into Real Time Dashboards. Our dashboards are accessible from all devices and are role based ensuring all of management teams can measure and show performance from the project level right up to business unit and group level.


Next Steps

Having spent the last couple of years significantly investing, implementing and training our people in these tools, 2020 is set to be an exciting year. Some of the upcoming projects and initiatives we are working on will be:

Dashboards; For 2020, we want to ensure a dashboard and relevant KPI’s are available to all our people at every level of the business.

Productivity Tools; We are currently trialing some field productivity tools to capture and record how well our workforce is doing in the field. Ultimately, we want to integrate this with our access and egress systems to fully automate the data collection process.

Innovation; Working in small cross functional teams we capture and evaluate new ideas and ways of working from our employees. We use small experiments and trials to evaluate process changes and if successful look to roll out across our business updating our systems and processes if required.

Artificial Intelligence; We are in the early stages of trialing an artificial intelligence solution to monitor sentiment levels on our projects based on the documentation and reports submitted.

Workflows & Processes; We understand that our workflows and processes will always need continuous improvement. New technologies will arrive, and we want to ensure we continue to be at the forefront and take advantage as quickly as possible.

Ardmac will always be a people business, our people are our most important asset and the tools and platforms are ultimately about making life easier for our people, ensuring we remain the contractor of choice for clients and the employer of choice for great people.


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