The phrase Modular Construction is often used to describe the assembly of three dimensional units, fabricated in an off-site manufacturing facility, before being connected on site. At a smaller but equally effective scale, the phrase Modular Construction can also be attributed to a panelised or partially pre-assembled partition system, fabricated in an off-site factory setting. Components such as flat-pack panels, parts or assemblies can be described as modular. When joined or assembled in-situ, these systems can add up to a complete a modular interior partition solution.

Whitewall is a system of certified fire-rated, inter-locking, modular panels with integrated door, window and fire-stopping solutions for interior spaces. Whitewall is an economic, quick to build system, ideal for the construction of controlled environments, such as data centres. The solution offers an all-in solution that performs to a higher standard than traditional internal partition systems and generates improved construction performances as well as final results for facility owners and operators.

This document identifies the primary benefits of modular internal partition systems and describes how these systems of construction can introduce improvements in the areas of safety, productivity, cost, sustainability, schedule, and quality, among others.

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The Ardmac Internal Partition Playbook