Ardmac are delighted to announce our partnership with Host in Ireland for 2021

Host in Ireland is an award-winning strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland as well as Irish companies that are designing, building, and operating data centres globally. Host in Ireland is demonstrating and showcasing Ireland’s cost-effective, efficient, reliable, secure and accessible infrastructure as compared to other data centre markets throughout Europe.

Today, they announced 40 member partners for 2021, the largest membership in the initiative’s history. The 33% increase in membership reflects the continued success and growth of indigenous and Irish-based companies that make up the thriving Irish data centre ecosystem. That growth is reflected in €117B in computer service exports, 26% of all Irish exports, in the first half of 2020, according to the most recent biannual report from Host in Ireland.

“As we move forward in 2021, the challenges and opportunities facing the data centre industry will require bold leadership, clear vision and clarity of words to highlight the benefits this industry brings to Ireland. I am confident we have the right set of partners at the right time to help us be successful in these efforts.” said Garry Connolly, president and founder of Host in Ireland.

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