Ethical & Responsible


Ardmac is fully committed to ethically and responsibly managing all aspects of our operations with respect to our employees, clients, neighbours, local communities, and all stakeholders.

When we succeed, our staff, community and society does too. By encouraging wellbeing, giving back to our community and working in sustainable ways, we not only improve people’s lives but also our business. Our Sky Blue program is our ESG framework guiding our responsible business approach and outlining our sustainability commitments.

We work within the recognised pillars of ESG; Workplace, Marketplace, Environment and Community.

Click each pillar below to read our Sky Blue Commitments:

  • To support our nominated charities in awareness, fundraising and volunteering
  • To engage local communities in the areas we operate
  • To empower our employees to give back to their local communities
  • To support our employees in leading a positive active lifestyle
  • To encourage a diverse and equal workplace and working environment
  • To protect our environment by embedding our LEAN practices on reducing waste and support sustainability.
  • To monitor suppliers in line with our code of conduct and drive efficiencies
  • To source locally and ethically in the first instance to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our impact
  • To communicate and share our learnings within our sector.
  • To support our clients and partners in their responsible business objectives.


Ardmac works to bring communities together and support a number of non profit organisations in areas which we operate, below are the highlights of our most recent partnerships. Our approach is to ensure that Ardmac gives back to the communities in which we operate.


Our commitment to healthy workplaces encourages employees to focus on their own health and wellness. We hold regular wellness lunchtime talks on a range of issues from mental health to healthy lifestyles. We invite a range of organisations from charities and wellness leaders to support our approach of being a health conscious workplace. We support a range of physical health activities including fitness classes, team activities and lunchtime mile walks.


We’re committed to providing work environments, products, services, and solutions that make efficient use of natural resources and reduce unnecessary impact on people, the environment, and the economy.


Safety first and always is foremost in our thinking and part of our guiding principles. We continue to develop our safety management programmes to ensure that we are leaders in the management of safety and health in our industry. We are committed to providing safe and healthy work environments for all and our Safety First approach includes everyone around us, in everything we do and wherever we impact.