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Data Centre Solutions

With the growing demand for data storage, we have seen our data centre business experience significant growth across Europe. By working smarter and faster we can provide data centre design solutions that positively impact both schedule and budget.

Ardmac provide internal architectural solutions and to date has provided over 400,000m² of white-space and over 600MW of capacity for some of Europe’s largest data centres. View case studies >>

Our approach adds value to any data centre construction project and that is why Ardmac has become a trusted partner for collaborative processes such as IPD (Integrated Project Delivery), customer framework agreements and early engagement.

Data Centres: The Ardmac Way

Data centres are complex, technical spaces that require a systematic, controlled and consistent approach through Data Centre Design and Data Centre Construction.

Ensuring all stakeholders are engaged early, culturally aligned to the project goals and working towards the ultimate solution at an agreed pace, is critical to the success of a Data Centre project. This ensures that teams are well-informed and the true value of the project is understood, risk is mitigated, and the client’s budget is both controlled and spent in the correct areas. Ardmac are expert Data Centre Contractors and Builders.

At Ardmac, our culture is about continuous improvement, embracing technology and new ways of working. We take pride in delivering a quality product in a safe and sustainable way including Ardmacs Green Data Center Design.


Data Centre Virtual Reality Showroom

To further enhance the process from inception to final handover, we have created a Virtual Data Centres Showroom. Our showroom will assist anyone interested in viewing and understanding data centre design and construction and can be viewed on desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

The model demonstrates integrated controlled environment solutions including ceiling supported and ground supported structural hot and cold aisle containment, firestopping solutions, security mesh partitions, fire rated modular partitions, doors with security ironmongery, and suspended modular and structural ceiling systems.

Visit our interactive Data Centre Virtual Reality Showroom

Move freely within the model to view examples of data centre office fit-out solutions, 4D programming for data centre construction and see how specialist products and finishes interfacing with other elements in the data halls through the coordinated BIM model.

Data Centre Design, Build & FitOut

Ardmac provides high-tech data centre solutions across Europe for industry leading clients across Europe.

As Data Centre Builders we have a proven track of delivering high performance, innovative and future proof solutions for the ICT sector.

Building Better

Early engagement, reliable and instantaneous communication and trust have built strong client and vendor relationships in more than 45 years.

Together with our highly skilled teams we bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience to projects of any scale.

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ardmac - leading provider for data centre solutions in Europe

Delivering Modular & Scalable Solutions

Providing technically superior, facility-built constructing services for data hosting facilities our extensive portfolio includes:

• Hot & cold aisle containment
• Modular partitions
• Seismic and structural ceilings
• Doors and security packages
• Fit out of ancillary areas
• Office fit out
• Additional ancillary support buildings
• Architectural solutions

All our data centre solutions are scalable and we consistently deliver the highest industry standards.

View some case studies >>• 

Integration, Validation & Compliance

At Ardmac you find the best practice in the management of Data Centre construction and
Data Centre Design. We commit to reducing costs and improving efficiencies by successfully working Smart, meaning we deploy innovative technology throughout our business to empower our people, drive performance and delight our customers. We analyse problems through a structured innovation process and apply technology to solve them in a focused manner. We use:

• LEAN management and principles to maximize value and eliminate waste from all our operations

•  LPS® which is a realistic way to collaboratively manage project-based production and schedule accuracy

• BIM throughout the Data Centre Design & Data Centre Construction phases to coordinate with other trades, allowing early project involvement and input. This also allows us to design, procure, and fabricate components offsite, reducing time on site, on-site labour requirements, travel costs, site waste, while improving safety.

Ardmac MMC Technologies for Scalable Data Centres

Service Penetration Management

The management of building service penetrations within the internal partitions is a sectoral issue, creating challenges for multiple stakeholders including Ardmac, service providers and end-users. Resolving this issue through the application of a robust, well defined and controlled BIM process introduces value to projects. Where the Service Penetration Management Strategy is applied as an agreed BIM approach to managing and tracking service openings, reliable quantitative and reportable data and clarity can be provided for all stakeholders.

Ardmac’s BIM lead Service Penetration Management provides a fully coordinated process from modelling through to site install. This gives our clients full visibility of project progress through use of a specific BIM Execution Plan, software and live reporting to keep all stakeholders informed on a project.




Data Centre Video

Controlled environment data centre – Find out more about Ardmac data centre construction, our work and clients.



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