On a recent pharmaceutical project for a global client, Ardmac addressed several key challenges with our innovative modular cleanroom solution. These challenges included speed to market, geography and localisation challenges and logistics and transportation.

Parallel Construction

Speed to market is a traditional challenge for pharmaceutical companies, however the modular solution addresses this challenge by allowing “parallel construction” to take place, where the shell building, which houses the cleanrooms, was constructed at the same time as the cleanrooms. On a traditional project, the construction and weathering of the shell building must be completed ahead of the commencement of the cleanroom construction – one process follows the other. However, with our modular solution, the manufacturing of the modular cleanrooms can commence ahead of the shell building construction. This innovation on the traditional build sequence of pharmaceutical facilities reduces the overall construction timeframe for the project which in turn can reduce the time to market for the lifesaving products manufactured within these facilities. This helps to ensure that the products reach patients as quickly as possible.

Geography and Localisation Challenges  

Various challenges can arise when trying to deliver high-tech facilities in new and remote jurisdictions.  Issues can arise in countries relating to availability of skilled labour, local infrastructure including telecommunication networks, transportation systems, security of power supply, security, and even availability of necessary construction materials. All these issues can reduce the feasibility of constructing high value facilities by traditional means in certain countries. However, with our modular cleanroom solutions, several of these risks are mitigated with up to 98% of the facility being constructed off site in a controlled manufacturing facility by skilled, experienced construction professionals.  Our modular cleanrooms are designed based on “plug and play” principles for all MEP services, meaning that once the modules are installed in the shell building, they simply require a connection to the main building utilities. the modular cleanroom facility undergoes a comprehensive Client-witnessed FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and commissioning process before being transported to their destination which helps to minimise the timeframe involved in making the facility operational once assemble in its final location.

Logistics and Transportation  

Logistics and transportation are another key challenge that needs to be considered when deploying one of our modular cleanroom solutions. In the case of our recent project this element was considered during the design stage to ensure that the modules were designed to allow for efficient transportation to any global location.  It was decided that the module design would adhere to the standard ISO 40-foot shipping container parameters. Addressing this issue as described above removes the need for special transport arrangements for the cleanroom modules which in turn reduces cost and the overall delivery timeline.