Ardmac’s collaboration with Host In Ireland

Ardmac are delighted to be supporting Host in Ireland’s DC’s for Bee’s initiative.

Ardmac will be working in collaboration with Host in Ireland and other organisations to plant more than 1,000 orchards across Ireland. During the 2021-2022 planting season to support the declining bee population, in particular, the 99 species of bees in Ireland, of which 30% are facing extinction.

This initiative seeks to make a difference by pledging to deliver on actions to make Ireland more pollinator friendly and ensure the survival of our pollinators for our future generations.

With the current rate of decline, we are expected to lose 90% of our bumble bees by 2050. In 2020, they were down by 24% on the previous year. Of the 99 species of bee in Ireland, nearly one third are threatened with extinction. Bees provide many benefits for society. Both bees and butterflies are an indicator of general health of the 11,400 insects who not only impact pollination, but also pest control and decomposition that returns vital

Orchards are important habitats as they support bees by providing them with a much needed food source.

Orchards also play an important role within communities, providing a gathering or focal space for people and allowing them to connect to the environment.

Ardmac are thrilled to be playing a part in this fantastic plan and we are looking forward to doing our part for the bee population! For further information, visit the DCs for Bees website at: