Construction Careers – The Benefits of Working Abroad

by Peter Lonergan, Technical & Business Development Manager ,Data Centres


Working within the Data Centre Industry means working abroad and we are continuously looking for people who enjoy travelling, would like to work abroad, and want to experience different cultures.

We see first-hand how transitional experiences can have an extremely positive impact on people. Discussing this with colleagues in the construction industry who have lived and worked in different countries at some point, we often agree that working abroad has allowed us to gain a clearer sense of who we are and what we wanted to pursue as a result of our experiences.

At home, we seldom get the opportunity to challenge our behaviours as we can be surrounded by people who shape our cultural norms. In contrast, travel and developing a career abroad encourages more personal and professional growth.

When living abroad, exposure to new people prompts you to engage more to understand different cultures. This can have important impacts on career progression and developing new skills.

Some advantages include:

  • Improves your communication skills
  • Opportunity to work with diverse teams
  • Displays self-belief, independence & adaptability
  • Broadens your network
  • Opportunity to learn another language
  • Experience different ways of working
  • Potential of greater financial reward


Initially, working in a new location can also be a worrying and challenging experience, so support, especially at the start, is vital. For example, with all our overseas placements at Ardmac, we ensure individuals feel supported by their team, our wider support networks and have access to organisations that can support them should they need to speak to a professional.

Personally, I understand each aspect of the risk and reward of working abroad. I have found the experience fulfilling, it has guided my career path and opened my eyes to the opportunities across the world for people working in the construction industry. I would recommend this to people interested in experiencing something different.

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