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Ardmac is an international construction specialist that delivers complex high value workspaces and technical environments. Much of what we do in Ardmac is cleanrooms related. Indeed for nearly 40 years Ardmac has been delivering controlled environments to customers in the Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing sectors.

We are one of the largest providers of Cleanrooms in Europe and have successfully delivered many projects throughout the continent and beyond for most of the top 20 Global Pharmaceutical manufacturers, the world’s largest Semi-conductor manufacturer plus many Medical Device companies and Healthcare providers.


Our Ways Of Working Are Ardmac Smart Logo

We work more efficiently by combining Lean construction techniques and the latest BIM technology with our collaboration & field management software in a manner that positively impacts job safety, schedule, quality and cost. Our approach adds value to any construction project and that is why Ardmac has become a trusted partner for collaborative processes such as IPD (Integrated Project Delivery), customer framework agreements and early engagement.
Ardmac-Ideate-Concept and design

is the Ardmac structured concept design process to collaborate with users through the early planning requirements Concept Design of a new cGMP cleanroom manufacturing facility.

In order to ensure transparency, competitiveness and peace of mind during a fast-paced development, we utilise a partnering management form of preconstruction. Early engagement is key to successful outcomes for end users and our integrated approach will ensure alignment on the understanding of user needs, environmental compliance and regulatory requirements.

Ardmac prides itself in a proven in-house technical ability to take a client brief and develop a concept for the front end design stage of a cleanroom facility.

Ardmac Assist Detailed Design

ASSIST is the Ardmac program that takes initial design information through to detail. It’s characteristics and outputs include;

Embedded mobile design teams within engineering design organisation’s
• Develop the model from LOD 250 to LOD 500.
Technical submissions for all elements of the cleanroom build.
Coordinated clash free Revit model.
Resources trained in LEAN techniques.
Defined structured procedures and an open communication platform.
Use of Audio Visual & Augment Reality to assist in design reviews.
Model generated Bill of Quantities.
Ability to link model to construction programme.
Embedded information to integrate with supply chain vendors.

Ardmac Cleanshield Modular Cleanrooms
CLEANSHIELD cGMP Envelope protects your people, products and process. Creating a safe and sterile environment that will exceed industry requirements.

Modular, pre-engineered Cleanroom systems with flexibility designed in to provide the most Ardmac Agile Logo cleanrooms for today’s fast evolving manufacturing challenges.

Our CLEANSHIELD product range includes:

  • Walkable ceiling systems
  • Twin cassette ceilings
  • Lighting
  • Modular wiring
  • Cleanroom wall panels
  • Glass walls
  • Bi-panel partitions
  • Flush doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Flush windows
  • Return airwalls
  • Bumper walls
  • HEPA Filtration

Ardmac Integra Turnkey Solutions

is Ardmac’s design & build turnkey solution for controlled environments to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices and Advanced Manufacturing industries.

We take ownership of the solution and guarantee the following performance criteria:


  • Particulate concentration
  • Room pressurisation
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Containment
  • Illumination
Ardmac Structura Modular Steelwork

STRUCTURA is a modular Box in Box steelwork matrix designed to accommodate all the load requirements for your cleanroom. Adaptable, efficient designs depending on cleanroom classification, pre-engineered with long span solutions for optimal facility layouts, the Ardmac structural solutions range includes:

•  Standard spans designed and optimised around Biopharma requirements.
•  Revit modelled repeatable and interchangeable solutions.
•  Columns, Beams, Brackets, fixings are common across designs
•  Revit families developed.
•  Integrated structural calculations.
•  Bracing – Temporary or permanent – Enclosed or concealed.

Options are available for Baseplate Design, Column Finish, Fire Rating and Access.

Ardmac Building Offsite Cleanroom Diagram

Ardmac have extensive knowledge on designing production spaces for critical environments and we understand the ever-increasing challenge of speed to market.

BUILDING OFFSITE is a rapidly deployable solution for laboratories and cleanrooms that are offsite constructed, and precision built. Our off-site building solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of the life sciences industries.

Our modular approach considers all aspects of the build from HVAC right through to lighting, where our modular services provide a rapid and effective turnaround on predictable timelines. Our solutions are designed to be flexible, scalable and repurposed on a portable platform allowing for transportation to another facility/location should the need arise.



Germfree bioGO Cleanroom Buildings feature flexible layouts to support lab-scale manufacturing lines or bioprocessing with Single Use Technology (SUT). They are designed to be flexible for the scale up or the scale out of processing steps and facility expansion without interrupting ongoing manufacturing. bioGo cleanroom buildings can be repurposed for multiproduct facilities and they provide complete process segregation with independent HVAC systems.
Ardmac Facility Build Cleanroom
FACILITY BUILD is our single source solution that combines our Cleanroom turnkey expertise together with a full construction service to build a complete manufacturing facility or extend an existing footprint

We leverage technology, our experienced internal teams and industry partners in the delivery of the complete solution, allowing the customer to focus on their core business.

Once the concept design has been finalised, we leverage our other Ardmac offerings including the provision of the cleanroom architectural elements via our CLEANSHIELD  range of products to the detailed design of the classified environments by our INTEGRA  engineering team.

We can provide and support all the planning and statutory requirements of the project ensuring full compliance across all aspects of the facility build.


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