This month we congratulate two of our Senior Architectural Technologists on becoming Ardmac’s Designated Responsible Individuals for the Fire Stopping aspects of our data centre projects.

Ardmac are certified as a Competent Firestopping Contractor. To be able to obtain that certification, two of Ardmac’s team members; Rodney Mason and Paddy Mooney both had to pass exams covering the subject.

Both Rodney and Paddy are now certified to oversee and advise on the implementation of our firestopping processes in line with our Certification.

What is firestopping?

Ardmac’s data centre contract scope includes the creation of fire compartments, focusing on sealing any openings to prevent fire from passing through buildings.

For example, if there is a pipe or duct travels through a wall, it has created a fire safety weak spot and so the team must find a solution. This might involve using higher density fireboard as walling, which is the most common fire stopping material.

What is involved in becoming certified?

Paddy & Rodney had to sit a three-hour exam online, answering a series of questions based on course material. Having achieved the qualification, it is imperative to, either sit the exam again in three years’ time, or to continue to learn by attending relevant fire stopping seminars where they can achieve points towards maintaining the certification.


Day to day in the life of a DRI

On a day-to-day basis, Rodney & Paddy are responsible for keeping up to date with the latest regulations and technology surrounding fire stopping solutions, liaising with our supply chain and approving all the solutions both at tender stage, during design and before they are implemented on our projects across Europe.

This ensures that Ardmac have the knowledge to ensure the complete solution is fully complaint with the current regulations, which are continuously evolving and vary by location across Europe.

Both enjoy the challenge of their job, as there is always something new to learn, working with clients, design teams, supply chain, project teams, across different sectors and jurisdictions.

There is a sense of growth and personal development in the business.