Germfree Case Study

The Scope

Germfree was recently commissioned to work with a client who sought to expand their process space to deliver novel therapies both faster and at scale.

Time to market is very important for our clients. From the clients experience traditionally constructed cleanrooms have lengthy timelines, which delay and disrupt time to market. This in turn negatively impacts revenues and life of patent. Needing rapid delivery and flexibility, our client contacted Germfree to explore the modular off-site approach.

Solution exploration

As part of the first phase of the process the ecosystem was investigated. This included the entire scope, to comprise the cleanroom function, from the laboratory itself, to the location, internal process flows and engineering controls, but most importantly equipment selection.

At Germfree we offer much of the standard cleanroom equipment such as Isolators, Safety Cabinets, LAF units etc., providing a seamless integration into the cleanroom space. Wecan also integrate client preferred equipment. With standardised designs we offer competitive solutions, as well as enhanced ease of operation, warranties and aftersales service.

The Solution

Germfree’s Podular solution was chosen by the client as it offered a flexible design, quick outfitting, and delivery to an on-site shell building. This offers parallel construction activities reducing the overall project timelines.

Germfree provided a single, assigned project manager to work alongside the client across the entire project. Transparency and efficient communication were paramount to ensuring that the client’s needs were adequately addressed, and the impact of any changes were made known early in order to avoid delays.

Throughout the journey, Germfree consulted with multiple individuals on the client side to coordinate their needs specifically. With an ever-changing landscape, both from the customer and regulatory standpoint, Germfree used their experience to overcome any issues that were encountered.

The Outcome

The project was a great success and delivered a solution that was tailored to the specific process and time-to-market needs of the client.

About Germfree

Germfree is a leading manufacturer of mobile and podular cleanroom facilities, with applications across Biopharma, Biocontainment, and Pharmacy. Decades of experience in equipment design led Germfree to integrate its product offerings into turnkey labs—with equipment and facilities built in-house, in a climate-controlled facility for delivery around the globe.

Germfree delivers enhanced flexibility to meet the needs of their clients. Tailoring solutions in this way is what differentiates Germfree in the market, all while delivering robust cleanroom solutions that outperform traditional methods of fabrication.