We are the first generation to understand the enormity of the decline in Ireland’s Biodiversity, and the last generation in a position to make a real difference!!

Bees are critically endangered. They are a key contributor to the pollination of our crops, but sadly, 33% of Irish bees are facing extinction.

They are an indicator for biodiversity in general and once a species is extinct this cannot be reversed and the balance of nature is affected forever. DCs For Bees is an industry initiative led by Host in Ireland to help save Ireland’s declining bee population.

Action is urgently needed!

Bee pollination contributes to 70% of the world’s crops. The success of our species is dependent on theirs. There are 100 species of bee in Ireland; nearly one third of Ireland’s wild bees are threatened with extinction and common bumblebees continue to show annual declines in abundance. With Ireland’s wild bees continuing to decline at an alarming rate, the time to act is now.

The DCs for Bees Pollinator Plan is a shared plan of action by Host In Ireland, its 40 partners from the data centre industry and the wider industry, who have pledged to deliver on pollinator friendly actions to make Ireland more pollinator friendly and ensure the survival of our pollinators for future generations.

The plan is the first of its kind for the global data centre industry and highlights ways for individuals and businesses to take action in addressing Ireland’s biodiversity plight. Backed by the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, it includes a toolkit of 42 pollinator-friendly actions to ensure the survival of our pollinators for future generations.

What can we do?

Here are a list of simple things we can do as a company and you can do as an individual outside of work:

  1. If you want to do something, do nothing. Protect what you already have – in both our home and office areas where we have native hedgerows our most important action may be to protect them for pollinators
  2. Reduce the frequency of mowing to allow wild flowers grow
  3. Mow only 1/3 of your grass area
  4. If you come across a bee hive on your property, contact swarms.ie and a bee keeper will remove them FOC, and re-hive them
  5. Plant a clover lawn
  6. Identify new and underutilised outdoor space – balcony, roof, window boxes for pollinator friendly planting
  7. Drill holes in wood at your property
  8. Don’t use weed killers!
  9. Install a Bee hotel
  10. Volunteer for the difference day and plant with the Ardmac team

Here is the list of all 42 actions we can take: https://www.hostinireland.com/_files/ugd/6b90f7_9699da80fe10460d8eeee147b7cee106.pdf

Top Tip This Month: Check out which foods wild bees preferred in 2022

Every year, the National Biodiversity Data Centre receives thousands of bee sightings. In 2022, 1,482 bee records were submitted, that included information about what the bee was feeding on. This gives us a clear sense of which flowers they prefer. This year’s data again shows the importance of native plants, and of simple actions like Don’t mow, let it grow! (guideline).

Here are the Top 10 favourite food for bees in 2022, in order of the number of sightings submitted:

  1. Dandelion (more than double the number of sightings of Knapweed!)
  2. Knapweed
  3. Clovers (Red & White)
  4. Heather (garden and native)
  5. Thistles
  6. Bush Vetch
  7. Lavender
  8. Devil’s-bit-Scabious
  9. Bramble
  10. Willow