Ardmac are delighted to continue our support for the Host in Ireland Ecosystem Report in 2024, “Irish Digital Infrastructure: Collaborating for Growth”. This report highlights the collaborative efforts of industry stakeholders to promote sustainable growth in the Data Centre sector in Ireland. We are especially proud to have Peter Lonergan, Associate Director Pre-Construction, featured in this edition. 


As outlined in the previous Host in Ireland Ecosystem Reports, 2022 – The I.R.I.S.H. Data centre Ecosystem Explained, and 2023 – Digital infrastructure: An Irish Export Success, the digital infrastructure industry in Ireland has seen significant growth and success over the past 15 years, with Irish companies showcasing their expertise not just locally but on the global stage. Despite – or even because of uncertainties surrounding data centre power connections at home, Irish companies are actively involved in designing, building, and operating digital infrastructure worldwide.  


Ecosystem Report 2024, “Irish Digital Infrastructure: Collaborating for Growth” talks about the influx of new innovative companies into the Irish digital infrastructure landscape and continued commitment of established players to highlight a collective determination to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. The upcoming data centre refresh cycle in Ireland presents an opportunity for innovation and collaboration, with the potential to create long-term jobs and enhance efficiency and sustainability. Despite challenges, the industry remains resilient and focused on sustainable growth.  


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