Lisa Donnegan is Pre-Construction & Design Lead in Engineering 

Recently for International Women’s Day, we celebrated the achievements of the women at Ardmac. One woman who is making waves, in this traditionally male-dominated field, is Lisa Donnegan, Pre-Construction & Design Lead in Engineering at Ardmac. 

In a recent interview, Lisa shared her unique perspective on the challenges she has faced as a woman in construction. Growing up, she never let her gender define what she could or couldn’t do. Instead, she focused on working hard and learning new skills. This mindset has served her well in her career at Ardmac, where she is constantly learning and evolving in her role. 


What is your role 
My name is Lisa Donnegan and I am the Pre Construction & Design Lead in Engineering 


Do you think there are challenges associated with being a woman in construction? 
“My uncle used to always say there was no such thing as ‘can’t’ when we were young. There wasn’t anything you ‘can’t’ do. I never grew up thinking that construction was something I can’t do, because you learn to do it, or you work towards doing it. If you weren’t good at football, you learn to be good at football. It wasn’t the case of ‘I can’t do this’. So, I never really grew up thinking I couldn’t do anything, and that wasn’t anything to do with my gender. I studied technical graphics in school and architectural technology in college, as far as I was concerned, the only reason I wouldn’t have been able to do something was because I didn’t work hard enough, not because I was a woman. There’s an array of construction jobs within Ardmac and the only ones I wouldn’t be able to do are the ones that I don’t have a qualification for.” 


Why is Ardmac the place for you? 
“I love learning. I think that’s why the construction industry suits me. There are always new ways to do things, you’re always learning. Ardmac as a company are always trying to find new innovative ways to operate. There are always new avenues to learn. If you get too comfortable in one area, you can move to another and start from scratch. That is why Ardmac is the place for me, it’s constantly evolving. It keeps me interested” 


Lisa also discussed her experience with maternity leave and returning to work. She praised Ardmac for the flexibility and support provided during this time, highlighting how she had been offered options such as phased return to work and extended parental leave. This support allowed her to transition back to work smoothly and find her balance as a working mother. 


How did you find Maternity leave and the balance to coming back to work? 
‘I’ve found the return to work very smooth. It’s a big transition for anyone. Finding childcare was more challenging that I expected but HR sat down with me and discussed the different options available to me. I had 14 months of maternity leave, so it was quite extended, but they were very accommodating and informative of my options”. 


Lisa is an asset to the Ardmac team and by creating inclusive and supportive environments, we can pave the way for more women to succeed in traditionally male-dominated fields.