Pearse McCartan is our Regional SHEQ Manager – SHEQ stands for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality – and he covers all our sites and project in Ireland and Europe. Pearse worked in the projects team prior to being handed the role and responsibility for corporate health and safety and the welfare of the offices. He keeps a keen eye on things and resolves any issues that he may uncover with new procedures.

His role was hugely impacted by COVID-19 and over the last 18 months Pearse has been challenged to carry out risk assessments and address the procedures to allow for remote working or social distancing. There was a huge pressure at the beginning of the pandemic to ensure that Ardmac was able to continue operating as safely as possible.

Pearse’s first job in his health and safety role was to support the building of vaccine centre cleanrooms. He oversaw 150 Ardmac personnel, managing safety and compliance. Pearse is now trying to prepare for the new norm – post Covid – making sure everything is implemented that needs to be, whether that is the office or site environment.


Prior to working in the pharma construction industry, Pearse was responsible for SHEQ in the cruise lining industry having worked on the manufacture and fit out of cruise liners for a few years in the Caribbean. Pearse said, “it sounds like it should be glamourous, but it really wasn’t. I was sent all over, managing plants and manufacturing sites.”

Travelling around wasn’t uncommon for Pearse as he lived in Saudi Arabia for 3 years whilst working on the Riyadh metro – building a new underground and overground network.

“Saudi was an unforgettable experience, at times it was difficult as I was away from my family, but we Irish always find a way to fit in and enjoy ourselves. I used to play Gaelic football over there and would visit places like Oman, which is a beautiful place.”

It seems Pearse was quite a player of Gaelic football having played for County Down for many years – one time in front of 40,000 people – he has retired from the sport now but still does a bit of coaching with the young teams. Now he likes to go off into the mountains and do a bit of climbing and walking.

A family man from a family of 8 children, Pearse is hoping that his wife, 6-year-old twins and 8-year-old daughter will look after him in years to come, but if not, he is busy planning the man cave that he will escape to.

Working for Ardmac

Ardmac has always placed a huge level of importance on health and safety, and it is this that Pearse thinks makes his job more enjoyable saying, “with previous employers, safety has been definitely lacking at times, but with Ardmac it’s well backed up by the senior managers, people don’t just pay lip service to it, everyone lives it.”

He continues, “The fact that everyone buys into health and safety so much makes my life a whole lot easier. It makes implementing some of the practices and procedures easier and the mechanisms and reporting structures are there to deliver accountability. It is factored into everyone’s job. This is genuinely helping to reinforce safety across the whole business.”

At Ardmac, safety is one of our guiding principles, and it’s important to us that we have someone like Pearse who is committed to ensuring that everybody goes home safely at the end of every day.