Offices are now incorporating work spaces specially designed with the employee in mind; to stimulate creativity, collaboration and teamwork. Workplaces are becoming both efficient and fluid in design with interchangeable spaces and modular elements and – fun! Here are some current trends in office fit-out:


The end of cubicle is upon us. A collaborative work space or shared work space employs the philosophy that mixing business with pleasure is actually a vital part of keeping staff happy and productive. Office fit-outs are embracing lower walls between desks, glass partitions, casual meeting areas, and activity based work spaces with strong bold colours.

Office design now incorporates flexibility with a focus on how an employee works best; whether it be within a team or in a quiet peaceful environment. Giving the employee the option on how to work makes them feel more empowered and engaged.

New fit-outs are incorporating quiet and privacy via small, enclosed spaces that are available for any employee to use. Pods or frosted glass partitions offices work better than the drywall allowing the light through, yet providing a degree of privacy and confidentiality.

Other strategies for quieting the office include using sound-absorptive desk-level products, ceiling tiles, and flooring. Breaking up areas to limit the number of workstations connected to each other can help, too.


Social spaces, relaxation areas and games rooms will no longer be confined to companies like Google and Facebook. Even traditional offices are embracing fun and casual designs inside and outside – also known as the Google Effect. The tech giant disrupted the workplace model by introducing recreational facilities, eateries and relaxation services to the working world, that proved to create one of the most innovative and productive companies.

Elements like communal eating areas, breakout spaces, barista bar, hammock swings to a full-blown gym help to reinforce a positive, social workplace.


Murals, bold patterns and graphic prints make a statement in today’s office fit-outs. The graphic depends on the company culture, playful, curious, inspiring, or serious. A mural can break up a large space and make the room more visually interesting. Instead painting a wall one bold color or white, a mural or graphic can give the space dimension and show the companies mission or branding, and offer inspiration.

Not only on the walls, but on furniture and structural elements too – glass partitions, floors and lights will start featuring eye-catching designs.



Because we spend so much time at work, the concept of “Home from Home” is integrated into many contemporary office schemes. Now, office designs are taking this a step further by evoking a homely feel.

For example, an open plan office might include home-like breakout rooms complete with beanbag chairs, sofas, coffee tables and soundproofing, creating a private retreat within the office.

Office design now represents the ethos of the company; it’s a public persona of the organisation. The work environment attracts new business, keeps workers engaged, and attracts talented new employees

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