Guiding Principles


    Our Guiding Principles outline our approach and encompass our beliefs and values.

    They provide an overview of our company culture and expectations where everyone understands what’s important.

    The following outlines each of our principles:


Safety First

Safety first and always is foremost in our thinking.

For everyone around us, in everything we do and wherever we impact

Understand our Customers

Listen to the client, understand their project vision and focus on the result. Build relationships – they matter.
Ensure a positive experience so that our customers come back to us time and time again

Respect Always

We are open, honest and transparent with each other to enable us to achieve the same goal.

Excellence as Standard

Excellence is the certainty that we bring to our projects.

We need to plan intelligently, think smart and deliver wholeheartedly. So we go the extra mile, to be the best

Deliver our Brand Promise

We all play our part in re-enforcing Ardmac’s enviable reputation by focusing on the clients’ needs and taking pride in our work.

We Build Better together.