Ardmac’s Safety Advent Calendar delivers our safety-first message through a series of toolbox talks and quizzes from the 12th of December to the 23rd of December. Our final week of the initiative covered several important topics:  

Monday 19th of December: Accident Prevention

An awareness of risks and hazards in the workplace is important in order to establish and maintain effective injury prevention. Having a proactive approach to accident prevention is key to a successful safety programme. At Ardmac, we want to ensure that our operatives are aware of the risks associated with their work. Accidents are not inevitable, but they are preventable. 

Accident Prevention- Actions you can take 

  1. Safety First Task Planning 
  2. Plan the task and complete a safe plan of action
  3. Identify the potential hazards that may be in your way
  4. Identify the potential hazards that might be created while doing the task 
  5. If in doubt, do not proceed with the task. 

Tuesday 20th of December: Exclusion Zones 

Exclusion zones are defined locations to prohibit entry of personnel into dangerous areas: an area in  which unauthorised people are not allowed to go for reasons of safety or security. Exclusion zones are a control for protecting workers from hazards such as falling materials, vehicle movements or noise exposure. 

To avoid injury, segregation of people and equipment must be at the forefront of any effective exclusion zone. The greater the strength of separation, the greater the control and the less likelihood of an incident occurring. 

Wednesday 21st of December: Loading and Unloading Materials 

Loading and unloading materials can be dangerous. Heavy loads, moving or overturning vehicles and working at height can all lead to injuries or death. 

In order to avoid accidents, a booking system for deliveries should be developed. Schedule deliveries outside peak traffic times, ensure clear instructions are given to delivery drivers and ensure specific Rams for deliveries. 

Thursday 22nd of December: Home Safety 

Christmas is a joyous time of year, where family and friends catch up and spend time together. At this time of year, safety in the home may not be at the forefront of peoples mind. However, it is important to address it, as during the festive season there is a lot of additional activity in the household. 

Fire safety is extremely important, to reduce the risk of fire over the festive period you should: 

  • Check that your Christmas lights conform to the EU standard
  • Never use lights with worn or frayed cables  
  • Turn off lights at night or when you are leaving the house
  • Never place candles near your Christmas tree, decorations, or furnishings 
  • Put candles in a purpose-made holder and on a heat-resistant surface