Did you know we have a number policies in place to protect our people in Ardmac? We value our people and it’s important they feel included and heard.

This begins as early as the recruitment stages. Ardmac are an equal opportunities employer. Our policy is to ensure all employees and job applicants are treated the same. We use a variety of methods which allow us to recruit a diverse level of staff throughout all our business entities. Selection criteria and procedures are frequently reviewed to ensure that individuals are selected and promoted based on their relevant merits and abilities. In addition to this, we are committed to recruiting diverse levels of staff throughout our business.

Within the workplace, we are committed to creating an environment where staff feel part of the business and thrive in their working environment. We uphold the core value of “Respect Always”, this ensures that Ardmac have an inclusive culture and that no employee feels harassed or victimised. Working collaboratively and positively creates the greatest value for our employees and harnesses a sense of community within our offices.

Part of creating and maintain this community involves looking after the needs of our employees. Ardmac recognises the impact that active lifestyles have on productivity, mental health and overall wellness. We offer many benefits to our teams to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Ardmac provide well-being activities throughout the year and offer flexible working hours, hybrid working arrangements and volunteer days etc.

Mental health is also of massive importance at Ardmac. We recognize that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time and Ardmac are delighted we can provide the services to do just that. Through our SHEQ, human resources team and our EAP programme we offer guidance and support directly to our employees.

Many of our employees have trained as mental health first aiders and are available to assist where needed either locally on sites and/or in offices.  Furthermore, our partnership with charities such as Pieta House and Lighthouse give an additional line of support for our staff. These resources ensure that our employees are supported and have someone to talk to in times of difficulty.

Our corporate social responsibility programme SkyBlue also gives everyone at Ardmac the opportunity to give back and do their part for many social causes. Our CSR initiatives create a link between our activities and our core values. Encompassing safety, environmental and quality policies, procedures and guidance, enabling the complete execution of our organisational goals while ensuring all affected by our activities are treated fairly with honesty, transparency and respect. At Ardmac, we place inclusivity, diversity and care at the forefront of everything we do. This transforms our company to a community, where employees look out for and assist one another.