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Working Smart

At Ardmac we work Smart, meaning we deploy innovative technology throughout our business to empower our people, drive performance and delight our customers.

We place our customer at the centre and apply Lean construction principles and technology to everything we do at Ardmac. We analyse problems through a structured innovation process and apply technology to solve them in a focused manner.

Technology has the power to drastically change the face of the construction sector and Ardmac are committed to staying ahead of the curve.

Empower our People

In Working Smart, we combine the three pillars of Last Planner System (LPS), our Field Management Software (FMS) and Building Information Modelling (BIM). By implementing these tools and processes on all projects, we have built a strong foundation for success. Our systems ensure information flows seamlessly to our teams and clients.

Streamlined workflows provide a single source of truth, enabling high performance decision making.

Our use of technology improves processes at Ardmac, allowing our people to focus on value added work and reducing waste. By deploying these technologies, we are providing our people with fast, efficient and user-friendly platforms that contribute to highly effective collaboration. Our commitment to continuous improvement sees our dedicated digital construction team continuously trial new technology. Our goal is to deliver an entirely paperless jobsite by 2022.

Our employees now link continuous improvement to Working Smart. Last Planner System (LPS), Field Management Software (FMS) and Building Information Modelling (BIM), are at the heart of everything we do at Ardmac. Collaboration is streamlined across disciplines with people working in tandem rather than in silos.

This enables our teams at all levels of the organization to make better, faster, clearer decisions through Working Smart. Our digital culture and readiness enabled us to cope extremely well during the current pandemic as we transitioned to a much greater degree of remote and online working, it has allowed our support teams to continue delivering all services while not being physically present on our sites.

This has had a very positive impact on our supply chain also. We collaborate with sub-contractors in the same manner using the same systems, we provide clear, current information, filtered to their specific scope of works. This greatly reduces frustration sourcing information or the impact of additional costs due to rework. It reinforces the message that our supply chain is a crucial part of our process and a true partner in project delivery.

Drive Performance

Empowering our people allows us to drive performance. We use cloud-based integrated systems on all our projects. These systems arm our decision makers with real-time accurate information related to safety, quality, schedule, commercial & technical performance. Armed with this knowledge (on any mobile device) managers can devote more time to making decisions and being in the field supporting the project, and less time at their laptops inputting data or reviewing outdated spreadsheets.

Ardmac have been delivering projects using Building Information Modelling (BIM) for over 10 years. BIM ensures greater efficiency and shorter project lifecycles, improved communications and coordination, more opportunities for prefabrication and modular construction, higher quality results and resource savings.

Ardmac also use Last Planner System (LPS), which is a way to collaboratively manage project-based production. As the name suggests, the LPS® engages last planners – the people ultimately responsible for getting the work done – in the planning and efficient execution of a project. LPS® is designed to produce predictable workflow and rapid learning in programming, design, construction, and commissioning of projects. Ardmac have successfully adopted LPS® on every project, small or large since 2018 and we have seen excellent results from this.

Managing labour on a project can be a significant challenge using traditional processes. Paper-based documentation is administration heavy, prone to human error and inconsistency can result in downtime which could have otherwise been used productively. We have implemented an online induction platform to manage the safe deployment of labour to our sites, new starts complete their training online before arriving on site. Upon arrival they are given a site orientation and their online profile is linked to a QR badge time and attendance system. This integrated approach ensures that all persons on our sites have completed the relevant training, are cleared to be there and that we have accurate digital records. This approach allows our managers to focus on delivering crucial safety messages rather than administrative tasks.

Delight our Customer

At Ardmac we place our customer and their needs at the centre of everything we do. Our goal is to maximise value for our customers. Customers can access project information and performance in real-time on any mobile device. These digital processes not only improve efficiencies for Ardmac but also for our customers. They enable us to deliver projects faster while enhancing Safety and Quality. Working Smart allows us to consistently deliver excellence across multiple sectors and geographic regions.

To summarise, by Working Smart; deploying innovative technology throughout our business, we empower our people, drive performance, and delight our customers.
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