We’re committed to creating work environments that make efficient use of natural resources. We achieve this by implementing a best practice approach to reduce our impact on the environment and work in a responsible way. In line with our guiding principle, Respect Always, we make efficient use of natural resources by optimising the procurement and use of renewable resources, maximising recycling, and reducing waste. We proactively engage and collaborate with clients and supply chain stakeholders to assess and improve our performance on a range of sustainability indicators, and we measure and report on the environmental performance of each project.

Safety First – Promote and protect individual safety and health

We are committed to providing safe and healthy work environments for all through our guiding organisational value of Safety First before all other considerations. Safety First and always is foremost in our thinking and part of our guiding principles. Our Safety First approach includes everyone around us, in everything we do and wherever we impact.

Managing Our Supply Chain

We foster a working environment that promotes a partnership approach with our supply chain. We encourage our teams to be forward-thinking, to embrace change, and to share new ideas and knowledge. We monitor suppliers in line with our code of conduct and drive efficiencies for our clients.

Eliminating Single Use Plastics 

We are working to lead our industry in the elimination of single use plastics. At Ardmac, we are introducing new ways to reduce plastics across our operations and changing the way we think about waste through our Lean approach. Our goal is to achieve a circular economy where we use less and ensure any used is recycled or reused.

Reducing Emissions

We are committed to working to source locally and ethically in the first instance to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our impact. We work to use technology to support a reduction in carbon footprint. We review our fleet regularly and track our outputs and encourage our teams to be environmentally conscious when completing daily tasks.