We’re committed to providing work environments, products, services, and solutions that make efficient use of natural resources and reduce unnecessary impact on people, the environment, and the economy. We achieve this by rigorously implementing a set of best practice policies and procedures across all our sectors to ensure that we address the elements outlined below.

Safety First – Promote and protect individual safety and health


We are committed to providing safe and healthy work environments for all through our guiding organisational value of Safety First before all other considerations.

Respect Always


We make efficient use of natural resources by optimising the procurement and use of renewable resources, maximising recycling, and reducing waste. We proactively engage and collaborate with clients and supply chain stakeholders to assess and improve our performance on a range of sustainability indicators, and we measure and report on the environmental performance of each project using our SHEQ and commercial auditing processes.

Provide employment, education, and training


We foster a working environment that promotes the personal and professional growth of each of Ardmac’s team members. We encourage them to be       forward-thinking, to embrace change, and to share new ideas and knowledge.

Create a positive impact on communities


We ensure that all those affected by our activities are treated fairly and with honesty, transparency, and respect. In supporting our nominated charities, each of our regional offices establishes local initiatives that provide engagement and opportunity for the communities in which they’re situated, and we actively engage with and contribute funding.