Increased demand for speed of construction and a willingness to invest in MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) is resulting in innovative modularised data centre fit-out solutions.  Ardmac’s GSHAC (Ground Supported Hot-Aisle Containment) is a data centre air-flow management solution that can function independently to the building-frame or primary structure.  Installation of the product can commence as soon as the floor is ready. The GSHAC solution enables early schedule activity for critical data hall services which can be fully supported by the GSHAC frame.  Pre-assembly of the GSHAC frame using DfMA software and fabrication methodologies results in delivery of several large pre-assembled frames that are fixed together on site in quick succession. Using this solution results in early commencement and completion for following trades, meaning that the overall construction and commissioning program for a data hall can be shortened.   

Case Study: Modular Suspended Structural Aisle Containment Solution – Ardmac